Unlock the U.S.

Fluid Handling Market

What does it take to successfully sell commercial and industrial fluid handling equipment in the U.S.? It takes an experienced network of manufacturer sales representatives like the members of the FHRA.

The Fluid Handling Representatives Association (FHRA) connects global manufacturers with established sales organizations that are skilled in the application of mechanical HVAC, plumbing, and industrial process equipment.

The U.S. mechanical distribution chain is unique.

Here, manufacturers select strategically located sales agencies to market their products to installers, specifying engineers, and end-users. These sales agencies,

  • DRIVE the sales process in the fluid handling markets
  • Are involved in every stage of the sale from system design to commissioning
  • Provide after sales support
  • Provide extensive product education and training to their customers

What the FHRA Can Do For You

As an FHRA member you get instant access to over 370 technical sales professionals located in every region of the U.S. who already serve end-users, specifying engineers, and installers.

Get Access To:

  • Large customer base of engineers, installers, end-users and wholesale distributors.
  • High-level sales and application expertise in commercial, institutional, industrial, governmental, and military markets.
  • Over 370 experienced outside sales experts, as well as inside sales support.
  • Over 700,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, currently stocked with over 100 million dollars in inventory.
  • Established customer education programs.
  • In-house marketing and sales support.
  • Regional representation suited to the diverse range of cultures and climates in the U.S.
  • An accelerated path to establishing sales representation in every state.
  • Diverse product offerings that allow us to provide “system solutions” that include many products in highly cost-effective proposals.
  • Ability to generate thousands of quotes a day.

Succeed in Local Markets

The FHRA is made up of sales organizations that possess an average of 72 years in the professional sales and application of hydronic, HVAC, and process equipment. Members consistently and effectively leverage this collective experience.

Cross-regional Selling Projects often involve a specifying engineer in one area of the country, a contractor in another, and an owner in yet another. FHRA members with shared lines can work all angles of such a project, helping to ensure their manufacturer is chosen for the project.

Collective Troubleshooting FHRA members frequently leverage each other’s product and application strengths to resolve problems and facilitate solutions.

Enhanced Credibility It’s easy and effective to leverage one customer’s positive experience to gain another customer’s confidence in a product solution. FHRA membership provides an excellent resource for customer testimonials.

About Us

Organized for Success

Established in 1976, the FHRA is made up of 28 independently owned heat and fluid transfer manufacturers’ representatives that cover all 50 United States. Our common link is well established sales representation of the world’s leading fluid handling and heat transfer manufacturers, including Bell & Gossett, Hoffman, and McDonnell Miller.

Members of the FHRA convene annually and officers meet quarterly to mobilize our membership as a continuing force in the successful sales of fluid handling equipment in the U.S. These meetings give us the opportunity to share sales and applications strategies, important industry trends and regulations, and educational topics. They also provide a forum to introduce new product technologies to our membership.

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